Ben Aipa shapeando una tabla

Colin me ha pasado este vídeo de shape donde se ve a Ben Aipa (no lo conocía) explicando como hace para shapear una tabla.

El tío es un carck, explica de forma fácil y sencilla cosas básicas a la hora de shapear una tabla que no en todos los vídeos de shape salen, además se le ve super simpático.

Otro vídeo más para seguir aprendiendo...

In this day and age where computers and technology are king, it's a breath of fresh air to watch someone use their hands to build something...especially if that someone is Ben Aipa and that something is a surfboard. Ben is a true Hawaiian legend as a surfer, shaper and coach and he still hand shapes every single one of his boards. He is at the point in his shaping career that he can take his time and enjoy the shaping process. The way he enjoys it is by talking story, taking meticulous measurements multiple times while shaping and sharing his knowledge and experience with others.