Hi Speed Copy 1

Hi Speed Copy 1 from Ryan Lovelace on Vimeo.

Impresionante!!! Me encantan estos vídeos.

This is footage from late last year of my first edge gun experiment, based on a George Greenough big wave tow-in board (this 6'3" was one in a series of four that George built in 2013). The board was acquired by a friend of mine who talked with George about the design and mentioned that he had a few of my boards including a flex-spoon; it was suggested that he lend the board to me to copy and make a few variations or experiments. The board's curves are captivating and scream lift & levitation - seeing it for the first time I was instantly obsessed. I set out first to make an exact copy by hand, to try to wrap my head around the concept before exploring - this video is the start to finish build of that board. Footage by Nick Liotta music by Pleasure (She Says It All In Her Eyes) and Landy (1000 Miles Of Sea Room)